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WebPosition Gold NOT Recommended for Google

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LiquidNet Ltd - http://www.1800nethosting.com Web Hosting
1800NetHosting.com [ LiquidNet Ltd ] is a prosperous web hosting company, which strives to further expand the scope of its activities in the web hosting services sphere.
1800NetHosting.com [ LiquidNet Ltd ] strives to constantly improve the quality of its service, develop its competitive power, preserve its loyal clients and strengthen its position on the market.

Monthly Price /paid annually/ $ 7.99 $ 14.99 $ 19.99
Data Storage 15000 MB - 25000 MB - 40000 MB
Data Transfer 300 GB - 400 GB - 500 GB
Domains Hosted 3 - 30 - Unlimited
Setup fee FREE
Money back guarantee 30 days

Users' review to
1800NetHosting.com [ LiquidNet Ltd ]:
" I haven't had any downtime with them, I've been using their web hosting for almost a year now, the transfer speed is really fast, it capped out all my bandwidth both upload and download, their support is great and the money you pay for their plan is nothing when they offer so much support for free. "

" I have been with them for 2 month now, their customer service is lightning fast, I don't have to get help with anything because everything works and I haven't had any downtime, unlike other host I've used in the past, this one has both affordability and stability. "

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web position banned
Webposition latest version Review:
"Web Position Gold
has NOT been recommended any more by our ranking professionals, also the internal design of Webposition software violates Google's Terms of Service "
--ApexPromotion Experts Reviews Team

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WebPosition 4 Customer's Feedback:
"At the beginning of this month, we had informed our readers that Google had allegedly blocked the search engine submission & ranking software, WebPosition"

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