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2. Areas of a Page Explained

Since most engines assign varying degrees of importance to the location of your keywords on the page, the Page Critic breaks out statistics such as frequency, total words, weight, and prominence by "Area." These areas can only be seen when you view the HTML source code for a page. The area will have a begin tag such as <TITLE>, and an ending tag such as </TITLE>. The ending or closing tag will always have the added slash character in it.

To view the HTML coding for the page you're analyzing, click on the Page Editor tab on the Page Critic form, or load the page into your favorite HTML editor. With some editors, like Microsoft FrontPage, you'll need to click on the HTML tab to view the actual tags behind the WYSIWYG screen.

IMPORTANT TIP: Use the Page Critic suggestions table first to improve your rankings. For additional help, study the statistics in the Page Analysis table. Your goal is to try and make your page have similar statistics to those pages that already rank well. You can do this by comparing your page to a specific page, a group of TOP ranking pages, or to the TOP Averages for that engine. The comparison options may be set on the second tab of the Page Critic screen. Making your numbers "higher" than your competitors is not always going to help. Most engines rank pages well that appear within acceptable ranges. If you exceed their limits, you can actually hurt your ranking rather than helping it.


- Head
- Title
- META Keyword
- META Description
- Heading
- Link Text
- Comment
- Body
- Overall Main Page
- Main Page
- Compare Page
- Top Averages
- Top X Pages









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